5 best investments to make this year

Investing in the right niche at the right time can make all the difference. History is full of stories about investors who saw a profit in some unique niche and make it happen when no one else believed them. But for newbies, the question is always a difficult one to answer. Not everyone is lucky when it comes to seeing the future but with the little help, and guidance everyone can make some luck. So, if you are wondering, what you should do with the money you have saved, we have rounded up 5 markets where you can invest with minimum risk in the return.

Stock Market

I know I said, investing with minimum risk but does it apply to the stock market? The market is feeling the low bottom right now, and as the history shows, after down it always goes up. It may not catch some speed soon but if you have the money and you have can wait, then the stock market is for you.

Mitchell Blooms says that it is important to develop an emotional philosophy so you have guidelines to keep you on track. Many investors follow their emotions when investing which isn’t a good strategy. If you are not comfortable with buying individual stocks, consider globally diversified, low-cost index funds. Finally, don’t forget that investing in stocks can help you save money on taxes. By adding more money to your 401(k) you can reduce your taxable income while keeping it grow. You can also reduce your taxable income by investing in a traditional IRA.

Real Estate

Just like the stock market, the real estate industry is experiencing a bubble right now. Prices continue to go up and up with no sight and there seem to be less buyer in the market. Still many real estate investors don’t seem to be worried about it. Even if the prices go up, people are still going to buy. They need space to live somewhere. Right?

Invest in your career

No matter how you are planning to spend your life. This year could be the best year if you are ready to invest in your career. Financial advisor Benjamin Brandt, suggest that you should ask yourself if you need some improvements to add more value to your career and the company you are working for.

Invest in side hustle

In old times, one job was enough. People used to join a company and dedicate whole life serving the same company and the worst may be in the same position but this isn’t the case anymore. To have a quality life, you need to invest in businesses these days. If you don’t have enough money or knowledge, try freelancing, driving for Uber or Lyft, deliver groceries via Instacart or Shipt, or run errands with sites like

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