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Free Trading Apps

Free trading apps – Are they better than traditional investment platforms?

Financial Times reported recently about an increasing trend for free trading apps. For investors who want to deal with share market, a few commission free trading services have come into the market which lets them do for free. These free apps are shaking the investment market with free trading options, as the already established brokers […]

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5 best investments to make this year

Investing in the right niche at the right time can make all the difference. History is full of stories about investors who saw a profit in some unique niche and make it happen when no one else believed them. But for newbies, the question is always a difficult one to answer. Not everyone is lucky […]

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This is how you need to invest if you want to be rich

There is plenty of advice from financial experts on how to invest money if you want to preserve wealth. But if you want to earn money and become wealthy? Not many people know this but investing to preserve wealth is different than investing to get rich. For a decade, the risk-free interest rate has been […]

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Tech stocks

Tech stocks are still opportunistic: David Tepper

David Tepper of Applooosa Management, one of most legendary and wise investors in the hedge fund business. He is the owner of the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League (NFL). He has been looking at the market for a long time and still consist with the belief that technology stocks are inexpensive but hold […]

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Top three great investors of all time – and why?

People have been creating list of ‘greatest of all time’ for many reasons. The first reason is because we like to confirm our biases. We like to have some kind of hero figure, and build groups around those. We tend to take sides than to make comparison which is better than the other. This could […]

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Women seem to be better investors than men – What studies say?

There are not many women who seem to have interest in stock market but when they do, they are investing more intelligently then men. Many studies have backed up the claim that the women investing in stocks are better at it than men. Fidelity Investments conduct a study recently that analyzed over 8 million client […]

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Backdoor Roth IRA – Is it good for you?

A backdoor Roth IRA allows you to get around income limits by converting a Traditional IRA into a Roth IRA. You are may be restricted by income limits when contributing directly to Roth IRA, if your income is beyond certain limits, but there are no income limits to convert from a traditional IRA to a […]

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